Sun Protective Clothing: Fashion Meets Function

sun protective swimwear.001Sun protective clothing has been around for many years.  However, until recently, it was limited to children’s swim shirts or very “not-fashionable” adult gear.  Thankfully, over the past few years, many companies have (smartly) jumped on the sun protection bandwagon and are now offering great-looking, fashionable, sun-protective options.

Sun protective clothing uses a scale called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) – similar to SPF for sunscreen.  While a white tee only has an UPF of approximately 6, sun protective clothing generally offers a UPF of 30 or higher.  It can be a great option for swimming and exercising – times when, without sun protective clothing, sunscreen should be applied more frequently than the recommended every 2 hours.

One of our newfound favorites is the Maaji Rashguard (upper left in the photo above) from The Skin Sisters Summer Wishlist. Its lightweight, not too clingy, and absolutely adorable – we received numerous compliments while wearing it.  It dries quickly…and of equal importance, it looks awesome with a pair of cutoff jean shorts to and from the beach.

Email us with questions re sun protective clothing and watch for more reviews from our Summer Wish List in upcoming weeks!

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