Fox 9 Morning Buzz x The Skin Sisters

Brooke joined Alix Kendall on FOX9 Morning Buzz to talk about our favorite products for turning your home into a spa!

The Skin Sisters’ 5 Tips for Creating a Home Spa Experience:

1. Set the mood with Stromhaus candles. This Minneapolis based company is making some of the most beautiful candles we have seen. Clean burning scents like White Blooms, Red Currant and Birch Wood instantly transform your rooms into a serene retreat.

2. No pedicure, no problem? Try Lather’s “Toasty Tootsies” set and feel like you just stepped away from an extending pedicure massage. Eucalyptus foaming pumice scrub gets rid of dead skin cells and then throw on the plush socks over a layer of the lavender and eucalyptus foot cream for a therapeutic dose of hydration. 

3. De-puff while you work from home with Pixi Beauty DetoxifEYE hydrogels. With 30 pairs in each pack, these cost effective eye gels contain hyaluronic acid and caffeine to hydrate and tighten the undereye area.

4. Treat your scalp to a salon worthy experience! We love using dpHue ACV scalp scrub to exfoliate and cleanse the scalp of impurities. Its amazing the difference you can feel when you use your shampoo or hair rinse after the scalp scrub!! Follow up with their ACV hair masque on your ends and walk away from your shower with healthy, shiny strands!

5. Pucker up with our DIY lip scrub! Our recipe for soft lips? Mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with 1.5 teaspoons of sugar (any kind!). Mix it up until it forms a paste and then massage a small amount over your lips. Gently wipe away excess with a warm washcloth to uncover your newly smooth lips!

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time, and hope you can find a few stress-free moments with our tips above!

xo Brooke & Lauren

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