Ask The Skin Sisters: Skincare for Men

The days of skin care and cosmetic dermatology being only for women are long gone. As more and more male patients are seeking cosmetic treatments for wrinkles, skin tightening, and contouring, a question that frequently comes up is “what kind of skincare routine do I REALLY need to be following?
We talked with Brett Striker, the 30-something Founder & CEO of our favorite snack company Maddy & Maize. Their popcorn is amazing and we could snack on the Raspberry Lemon Birthday Cake flavor all day. Brett asked us what he should be using on a daily basis to help his skin looking healthy and what he could do to help prevent signs of aging from creeping in. 
Biologically, there are very few differences in the skin of men versus women. Men’s skin is a bit thicker and in general men tend to have oilier skin than women; however, the basic elements of a healthy skin care routine are about the same. Men tend to like products that can multi-task such as toners that double as cleanser and moisturizer with a sunscreen built in. Before you develop a skincare routine, for men or women, it’s important to know and understand what type of skin you are working with.

– Oily skin looks shiny and greasy at any time during the day

– Dry skin feels flaky, rough or itchy

– Combination skin is dry on some areas and oily in others

– Sensitive skin may experience stinging, burning or redness after product use
Those with more oily or acne prone skin will want to look for products that are labeled as “oil free” or “non-comedogenic”. Sensitive skin should use fragrance free products.
For all men, we recommend the following as an easy skin care routine to build on:

1: Cleanse twice daily and again after exercise. A gentle cleanser used with warm (not hot!) water is suitable for most skin types

2: Shaving: Both technique and product selection are important when shaving. Shaving dries out the skin, can cause microtears and can also cause a common condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae (aka chronic ingrown hairs.) Many trendy and heavily marketed (and expensive!) razor blades have four, five or even six blades. This can actually work TOO well for the skin and result in a too close shave. This may leave the skin extremely dry, cause ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Some men will also stretch their skin with their hands or by extending the neck – this can cause problems as well. 
For men who shave their faces, we recommend the use of a single or double blade razor. Before shaving, moisten the skin with warm water and use a rich, moisturizing shave cream to soften the hair and moisturize the skin. We like Jack Black and Kiehl’s brand shave creams for our husbands. Always shave with the direction of hair growth and not against it, rinse after each stroke of the razor and change your blade every one to two weeks – depending on how frequently you use it.
3: Moisturize daily: Always moisturize right after shaving and each morning as well. For daily use, we recommend products that have an SPF built in to the moisturizer. After shaving, soothing balms or thicker moisturizing creams will be soothing to the skin. 
These days, men are starting to explore anti-aging products and treatments more than ever. A man’s 20’s and 30’s are a great time to start using products that help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, as well as treat early signs of photoaging (sun damage). Retinoids (prescription) and Retinols (available over the counter) can be added to the nighttime skincare regimen and, over time, will help the skin maintain its youthful appearance. We recommend seeing your dermatology provider to discuss all of the otpions available.
Another exciting area of growth in men’s skincare are cosmetic treatments. Botox, or “Brotox”, is being used more and more by male patients to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers, such as Restylane, are being used frequently to help men achieve a more chiseled look by creating volume at the lateral cheekbones and making a sharper and more pronounced jawline.
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…and don’t forget to check ot the crazy tasty Maddy & Maize popcorn! Seriously, it’s that good. 

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