Kind Lips: A Great Brand Doing Great Things

Think about it: “Kind Lips”. What does this mean to you? To Josh, the founder of Kind Lips, his company represents a movement “to be kind-hearted” and “to do good wherever possible”. His all-natural lip balms support anti-bullying campaigns while also providing great moisture with high quality ingredients. For every single purchase of a Kind Lips balm, the company donates a massive 20% to support programs that spread kindness and those that fight to end negative behaviors like bullying.

Our personal favorite is the sweet mint which is the perfect balance — not too minty, but just enough that you feel refreshed. Kind Lips was, well, kind enough to provide us samples of their products and we also loved the vanilla lemon.

We are so inspired by what Josh and the team at Kind Lips are doing. We probably apply this balm 20 or more times every day, and each time is a reminder to make sure our lips are kind in the words they say. We, like Josh, believe that big change happens one small act at a time.

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