What is Raw Skincare? Q&A with the Founder of balm skincare

You have been asking about organic skincare and we found the perfect person to bring you the real information that you are craving!  Lindsey, one of the founders of balm skincare was kind enough to sit down and answer our most pressing questions about raw skincare and the raw lifestyle.

SS: What is a Raw Lifestyle?

A lifestyle that focuses on using living products and food in their natural, whole state with little to no processing. It’s a lifestyle without chemicals or heat altering the energetic (enzymatic) state of the whole, living food and products.

SS: Why is Raw Skincare important?

a. Our bodies know exactly what to do with every ingredient. There’s nothing foreign, synthetic or toxic to bioaccumulate in our tissue.
b. The products promote the balanced and natural state (pH and healthy microbiome) of the skin, without taking it out of balance to treat a symptom. Instead it provides the optimal environment of nutrients to help the skin produce its healthiest cells possible, every time.
c. Energy. It’s a living product that still maintains its enzymatic activity and uses that power to interact directly with our biology.
d. It works!

SS: How did you come up with the idea for balm skincare?

During my mom’s battle with an environmental cancer, we found a lot of success and healing with some alternative treatments and a raw lifestyle. It was really the only treatment with which we saw progress, but unfortunately we weren’t able to continue these treatments longterm and ultimately lost her. After her death, I knew I had to do something to continue her legacy, and I wanted to share the power of the raw lifestyle that gave us hope. So, I took the philosophy of a raw diet and applied it to skincare, and we are one of the first companies to do so.

SS: Tell us about you and your sisters! Have you always loved skincare?

Yes! balm stands for myself and my 3 sisters: Brooke, Alison, Lindsey, Mara. We are so incredibly close; I love our relationship. 2 of my sisters suffered from acne and/or acne scarring, and it was awesome to produce a product that completely changed their skin. So, skincare became a great industry to start because we could all benefit from it. They are so beautiful, and these products help them to feel all of the more confident, which is so important to me. We all work together on this company in our own capacity, but I really focus on running the overall business and my sister, Alison, runs the lab and makes all of the products. 🙂
SS: What is next in Raw Skincare? Any exciting ingredients to be watching for?

Great question! The world of herbalism and botanicals is so vast and continuously expanding that there is always something new to learn and apply. One of the main ingredients we use in our Toning Water I feel will have an emerging presence: raw apple cider vinegar. I think there is still so much to be studied and learned about the microbiome of the skin and how a healthy pH plays into that ecosystem, and ACV is an incredible all-natural and raw pH balancer. From these studies, I think there will also be a surgent appearance of soap-free cleansers or at least less alkaline soap options.
SS: For those new and interested in incorporating raw skincare products into their routine but don’t know where to start – what would you suggest?

Of course I would suggest our Starter Sets. We’ve really developed them to be an easy and safe segue for the skin to transition away from conventional products. We also have some 5-day trial options available just to give it a try! Some other steps to approaching raw skincare would be to play with some at-home DIYs containing raw honey or even culinary products (organic, preferably) and start to feel how the skin reacts to raw ingredients. A quick coffee and olive oil scrub is honestly one of my favorites and is a great way to up-cycle used coffee grounds!

SS: What is the difference between Raw and Organic Skincare?

Raw skincare is a little more extreme and stringent than organic skincare. The term “organic” has quickly become a marketing tool for big corporations to use just enough organic ingredients to label it as such, but can still contain harmful or toxic preservatives, stabilizers and synthetics. So, the definition of organic is less defined and still needs a consumer’s eye to truly know what’s in the product. The term “raw” automatically eliminates any such synthetic or preservative or harmful fragrances. Raw doesn’t necessarily mean everything is organic, but if the company is doing it right and really cares about the integrity of the products they are putting out there, then it will be.

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