Honour Essentials: Brothers Making the Mornings Better

Minneapolis, the skin Sisters, beauty bloggers, Minneapolis beautyWhen we met Matt from Honour Essentials, we knew we had to test out his skincare products and introduce you to the line. First of all, it was founded by Matt and his brother Jerad, so we love that sibling connection. Secondly, they combine two of our favorite categories – skincare and coffee to provide an indulgent, though simple morning ritual for men.

Honour Essentials uses coffee bean oil in all of their skincare products; coffee has been used in skincare products for many years for its antioxidant properties, which help to calm and brighten the skin. There’s just one problem: this line is designed for men. So, while women can absolutely use products marketed to men (and vice versa) we felt that we needed to bring in one of the men in our lives to test this one out for you!

Enter Brandon, one of our oldest and dearest friends, who just happens to have skin TDF. He’s used many products over the years, but was willing to test out something new!

We gave him a jar of Honour Essentials Tend Revitalizing Moisturizer and let him use it for 6 weeks. Here’s what he had to say:

“My skin just looks brighter.”

“My skin feels so moisturized, but it’s not greasy at all.”

“Love the texture and the smell.”

So there you have it – B loved it.

Funny enough, about a month after giving the product to Brandon to try, Lauren’s husband came home to let her know that he found an awesome new line and joined their subscription service! Guess what line that was? He’s been using the Wake Exfoliating Rinse for a couple of months now and he’s loving it.

Interestingly, Matt and Jerad also are roasting their own coffee beans (sourced from Costa Rica) here in Minneapolis. Between the coffee and the skincare, Honour Essentials seems to have the morning essentials covered.

Honour Essentials gifted us with the product for Brandon, but the opinion is 100% genuine as always.

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