How Brooke Fought Jet Lag – and Stayed Camera Ready!

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We all know about fighting jet lag to help get on the right time zone and not be a zombie during an overseas vacation – but so many times we may forget about the craziness your skin goes through during those big trips!

Airplane travel can be really tough on skin. Pressurized cabins with very low humidity, high UV exposure and maybe a cocktail or two all can result in extremely dehydrated, angry skin and lack of sleep.

Imagine how Brooke felt knowing that the day after returning from international travel, we would be featured on the WCCO Mid-Morning Show! She had to pull out all of the stops for battling jet lag. Thankfully, we know the best tricks, and she ended up looking great that morning!

Here are Brooke’s tips for battling ‘jet lagged skin’

1) Skip the cocktail! Seriously. By skipping alcohol on flights I’ve noticed my skin looks better, feels better and responds better to products after flying than when I used to have a cocktail to help relax on a flight. A great alternative to a glass of champagne? Try some lavender essential oil and an eye pillow, and sip hot water with lemon.

2) Don’t skip your routine. My flight pattern to Africa was overnight eight hours to Europe, and then another 12 hour flight to Johannesburg! All in all that would result in three face washings and applications of products. The way I squeezed it all in was by using micellar water cleansing wipes and carrying trial size products for serum, moisturizer and eye cream.

3) Mask and Mist! Getting moisture on to your skin during those hours at 35,000 feet is essential. Don’t be shy about throwing on a sheet mask while you watch a movie, or lather on your favorite sleeping mask. I used a combo of @summerfridays Jet Lag Mask, @florapy Deep Hydration Mask @klorane under eye patches and my new favorite @TraderJoes Rosewater mist. We’ve also had a tip that the @Laneige overnight lip mask does wonders for dry lips on a flight.

4) Don’t forget the SPF. Those UV rays are 35,000 closer to you on a plane!!

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