When to Splurge on Skincare

What’s the story with expensive skincare products? Why do some cost more than others that list the same main ingredient?

It’s not always necessary to splurge on the pricey stuff – in fact, we use a combination of drugstore favorites and high end products. However, when you do choose to invest in a more expensive product, you’re often getting a higher concentration of active ingredients (the ones that actually do the work), formulations that don’t degrade over time, more elegant textures and scents, and better penetration of the products into your skin.

Your goals will help you to determine when to splurge! If you are fighting pigmentation, you may want to invest in a stronger antioxidant serum or brightening treatment. If your eyes are your Achilles Heal, you may want to use an eye cream with more of the good stuff in it. Our personal splurges tend to be antioxidant serums, eye creams, and sunscreens that have beautiful textures that we don’t mind reapplying all day.

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