Can I Use Expired Products?

You’ve spent money on products and made an investment in yourself – but unfortunately, even the best made, highest quality skincare doesn’t last forever. 

Take a look at these identical serums from SkinCeuticals. The brand new color is like straw, consistency is fairly thin and any scent is mild. Now compare that with the amber colored, thicker and more pungent product and it’s easy to tell which one has oxidized! 

If your products, whether a serum/cream/wash/lotion, have changed their color, consistency or texture, or smell it’s likely time to pitch and replace. These changes signify oxidation and also mean that your products aren’t going to be effective for you anymore. In some cases, it can even be detrimental to use products once they’ve undergone this change.

Stick to the expiration date and you’ll always have a product that you can trust.

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