Kids Skin Tips!

Keep your kids’ skin healthy this winter with some of our favorite tricks for preventing dry skin:

Apply Cerave or Cetaphil cream head to toe right after bathing. Just pat dry and then apply the cream.

Speaking of which, limit the time spent in the bath or shower – water can dry out their skin!

For stubborn dry spots, apply Aquaphor or Vaniply ointment and then cover with PJs or socks, depending on the area, before bed.

Add a cold humidifier to their bedroom overnight; this will help to passively add moisture to their skin.

Wear mittens or gloves any time they’re outside, even if just for a few minutes.

Most importantly, if dry skin doesn’t improve or becomes painful, crusted or weepy, bring them in to a Derm provider for professional treatment. Simple treatments that we can prescribe may make a big difference!

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