What is Dysport?

What is Dysport? You’ve seen on Instagram that we’re running an amazing July promo on Dysport, but should you try it?

Dysport is a purified protein that blocks the neurotransmitter that signals for muscle contraction. Hmm… sounds very scientific and frankly a lot like Botox. 🤔 That’s because it is both!

Botox and Dysport have some subtle differences, but generally work in a similar way. Some people find that they prefer one over the other, or that one works faster, better or lasts longer than the other. Both treatments block muscle activity, meaning they stop the repetitive muscle movements on your face that lead to the development of wrinkles.

If you’re curious about Dysport, now is the time to come in to chat about it! For the month of July, if you purchase 60 units of Dysport at Zel Skin & Laser in Edina, you get an additional 30 units at no charge. Translation: if you treat your ‘11s’, you could probably have your forehead treated at no additional cost to you!

As always, feel free to reach out at EmailTheSkinSisters@gmail.com with questions!

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