How to Decode Skincare Phrases

WTF do all of these confusing skincare phrases mean? How do you find what you are looking for?

Here is our quick primer to decoding the tricky world of skincare verbiage:

Unscented: Might not smell, but it may have fragrance added to mask the smell of other ingredients. Unscented does NOT mean it’s without fragrance added – confusing, right? Look for ‘fragrance free’ instead.

Natural: Truthfully, this means absolutely nothing. There are no parameters over what can be referred to as natural in the world of skincare. Same goes for ‘organic.’ Instead, look for the specific features that you are looking for – ex. a zinc oxide sunscreen.

For Sensitive Skin: This is so arbitrary; what works for one person’s skin is not universal and could dry out someone else’s skin. Choose products that accomplish your goals rather than ones that use blanket terms like ‘for sensitive skin.’ We can help you find these products if you need.

Hypoallergenic: Products labeled hypoallergenic may be free of some potentially irritating ingredients, but may still cause your skin to react. Just like with products labeled for ‘sensitive skin’, seek the help of a Derm provider if your skin tends to react to new products.

As always, if you have questions about finding the right products for YOUR skin… ask an expert! We’re here for you 😘

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