Great Skin Under Your Mask

Healthy skin even under your mask

Give the people what they want!

You have been asking for tips keeping your skin clear and healthy underneath your mask.

Here are our best tips for keeping your skin healthy while wearing a mask:

Keep cleansing wipes handy and wipe your face clean immediately after taking off your mask (or throughout the day if you wear it the entire day.)

Apply Cerave Healing Ointment or Aquaphor to areas of friction prior to putting your mask on.

If you’re prone to ‘mask-ne’, begin washing daily with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser to get rid of the acne-causing bacteria on your skin.

Hydrate your skin to protect its barrier and prevention inflammation under the mask.

Products with ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid help to unclog your pores if you start developing blackheads in the area covered by your mask.

Feel free to share these tips with the people in your world! Keep those masks on, but keep your skin glowing.

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