Should I Use a Serum?

Serums are ubiquitous in skincare regimens these days, but this wasn't always the case.  In the past few years, serums have slowly carved out their little niche as 'must haves' in the skincare world.  Should you try one?  Our feeling is an overwhelming 'YES." Serum are awesome because they contain super concentrated ingredients and deliver … Continue reading Should I Use a Serum?

The Skin Sisters’ Fall Wish List

Fall skincare is all about adding back moisture that escapes when the weather turns colder and protecting your skin's natural barrier. We put together our 'Fall Wish List' of products to review for you in the upcoming months! There are many great products, so we prioritized amazing ingredients and smart products as we narrowed our … Continue reading The Skin Sisters’ Fall Wish List

Ask the Skin Sisters: Katy Accurso of ‘Out & About’

Katy Accurso is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Chicago.  Her blog, "Out & About" highlights her incredible fashion sense and follows her as she navigates life in Chicago.  Her Instagram feed is already inspiring our fall wardrobe!  A few weeks ago, Katy got engaged to the sweetest guy.  We will be following closely as … Continue reading Ask the Skin Sisters: Katy Accurso of ‘Out & About’