Meet the Mind Behind goGLOW Sunless Tanning: Introducing Melanie Richards!

It goes without saying that we despise tanning beds.  Those artificial UV lights increase your risk of not only photo-aging (i.e. age spots, wrinkles, skin laxity), but also increase your risk of melanoma. However, we also understand that pasty legs aren’t desirable during these summer months.  Thankfully, Melanie Richards (founder and CEO of goGLOW) has introduced a new SUNLESS tanning alternative for those of us lucky folks in Minneapolis & Chicago.  Goodbye bright orange, streaky self-tanners – and HELLO goGLOW!  goGLOW now has locations in Edina (MN), Minneapolis (MN), Chicago (IL) and their mobile goGLOW on-the-go in Minnesota.

We will be trying it out ourselves and posting about our goGLOW experience this week – so you know exactly what to expect when you take the leap into the (completely safe!) world of spray tans.  We’ll review the sunless tanning experience and the results we get from goGLOW (fingers crossed its as amazing as we’ve heard!)  We’ll also try out some of the new sunless tan-friendly products goGLOW has developed.

Melanie was kind enough to answer a few questions for The Skin Sisters’ readers. Here are excerpts from our interview:

The Skin Sisters: goGlow has an almost cult like following, what separates your brand from others in the market?

goGLOW has taken spray tanning to a professional skin service level. Our specialists have been trained extensively in the process of sunless application and use. Gone are the days of low grade spray tanning services with unpredictable results and toxic ingredients. We have elevated the quality and experience for our clients. With the improvements in spray tan solution and aftercare products comes a new generation of high level treatment and results. Never before has a company brought spray tanning into the market with the precision of goGLOW.

The movement is one of empowerment and confidence. Our clients are amazed at the knowledge we are giving them about their skin and how to properly care for it. A great spray tan can only be accomplished with healthy cared for skin. This is one piece separates us from the rest. We educate educate educate!

The Skin Sisters: What were some of the biggest challenges when starting your business and what are some of the challenges now that you have been established for several years?

A big challenge when starting any business is staying on course, have a long term vision, and non stop commitment. I started goGLOW as a solo endeavor and through steady hard work and commitment I have navigated the company through years of market instability and growth. With each new employee I have stayed true to the core values of hard work, client experience, honesty and integrity. Clients look to goGLOW to be a steady and trustworthy company and I believe our growth shows this success.

The Skin Sisters: Your new product line looks amazing and features so many great ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and black tea extract. Tell us about how you formulated the products and how they contribute to the perfect glow

We knew the sunless skincare market (self tanners and support products) was lacking when it came to delivering products that yield a perfect sunless result and contain safe ingredients. Since we knew this was 100% possible to achieve we have spent the last year working with a team of chemists testing ingredients to provide flawless sunless care with a purpose. It was important for us to use high quality ingredients and deliver a product that also helped heal the skin. Utilizing the foundations of my training, I sought out the highest grade components to build this line. I have used organic ingredients when available and packed our products with the highest quality natural fruit extracts to bring you our simple, restorative and glowing line of products.

Our ingredients do not disrupt the natural integrity of the skin and actually help to balance and heal the skin. Skin that hasn’t been stripped of its natural oils, pH balanced and hydrated is the key for immediate and long lasting optimal sunless results. Our entire line is designed with this in mind and is perfect for use with or without a goGLOW. We also added in a few other ingredients that aren’t integral to sunless results but definitely don’t hurt! Think caffeine for tightening and smoothing plus antioxidants like rose hip oil that help combat free radicals.

The Skin Sisters: How do you suggest patients who are new to goGlow prepare for their first session and what is the most popular service? 

We have an amazing FAQ page on our website as well as a roadmap to getting your goGLOW. We have laid out what to do before your service and after to ensure the best results.

The Skin Sisters: The fourth of July is right around the corner, what do you suggest for our readers who want to achieve and maintain the perfect glow for the holiday and other vacations and special occasions?

A goGLOW is a must have for Fourth of July! Everybody is hitting the lakes and want to look and feel their confident best. We recommend coming in 1-2 days before your event. Our new product line will keep your skin healthy and bronzed for a long lasting glow.

The Skin Sisters: What’s next for goGlow?

We look forward to bringing the best customer experience to sunless tanning and leading the market in the same direction. We all deserve the best GLOW. We look towards leading the movement in the national market in becoming more educated and demand the best sunless skincare.

Stay tuned later this week to learn about our experience at goGLOW in Edina!  We can’t wait to share more about this safe, cosmetically elegant, method of sunless tanning with you!

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