Review: goGLOW Sunless Tanning in Edina, MN


We were very much looking forward to trying goGlow sunless tanning in Edina, Minnesota.  As we’ve mentioned many times, we despise tanning beds and avoid them like the plague (not only does indoor tanning increase your risk of melanoma, but it causes serious photoaging!) We have been looking for a sunless alternative and had our fingers crossed that goGLOW would live up to its reputation and provide us with a sophisticated and smart option for spray tanning.  Read on to learn about our experience.

If you live in Minneapolis or Chicago, mention that ‘The Skin Sisters’ sent you for 20% off your first spray tan at goGLOW.

xx Lauren & Brooke


Our experience at goGLOW started off on the right foot with a warm welcome as we walked into their Edina, MN location. The aesthetic of the space is gorgeous — think minimalist funky and modern with a flirty twist. From the moment you step into the space, its more of a spa experience than the robotic spray tans you may have experienced in the past. The goGLOW difference is significant. The owner, Melanie, and all of her employees are paying attention to detail!  They offer a spray tan that is unique to your specific skin type and tone and have included ingredients in the actual process that promote hydration, plumping and tightening and even anti-aging.

The process itself is straightforward – get naked (or nearly naked!) and have a specially formulated Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) mixture sprayed directly on to your skin by a trained professional.  DHA is commonly derived from sugar beets and sugar cane and is used in all sort of sunless tanning products. goGlow uses 10-14% DHA in their spray, whereas OTC sunless lotions have concentrations around 0.5%. The tan is customized completely to your own skin tone – so if you have cool (blue) undertones to the skin you will have a completely different tan mixed up for you than someone who has warmer (peach or pink) skin tones.  Also, this custom approach allows for a varied percentage of DHA to be used – for example, someone who is very pale might be sprayed with 10%, whereas someone who can pull off a darker look may have a higher percentage.  This helps to avoid that unwanted orange look!  Most importantly, the girls at goGLOW listen to what YOU want. Both of us wanted very natural looking tans that erred on the side of lighter vs darker.  Our goGLOW gal, Kate, gave us subtle tans that matched our skin tone perfectly (warmer color for Lauren, more pink for Brooke.)  No signs of the dreaded orange anywhere – we both looked quite natural.

The spray procedure is really comfortable. The fans take away any residual product in the air so you don’t feel like you are breathing in the tanning solution and they have special pads for your feet so that you don’t get pigment on the bottom. It’s so smart.  They dry off your skin after the tan has been applied and then use a hyaluronic acid setting spray to moisturize and help set the tan. This lets you rest easy that night, as you know that you won’t be smooshing your spray tan all over your sheets!  They recommend to wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment and they even sell really adorable black cotton t-shirts and dresses at the shop in case you forget or just want to grab something new.

We were really impressed with the goGLOW line of products. The market, up until now, has been lacking in terms of providing products that are 1) effective, 2) safe and 3) elegant to use. The gals at goGLOW spent the last year working with chemists to test out products that would provide flawless sunless care with high-quality healing properties. They’ve used organic ingredients when possible and lots of the products are packed full with natural fruit extracts to keep you glowing even weeks after your treatment. They’ve spent a lot of meaningful time looking at the pH of the skin and developing a line of products, including the tanning solution they use in-house, to keep the skin hydrated.

The products are meant to be used before and after your goGLOW; however, can definitely be used on their own. Think ingredients like rose hip oil as an antioxidant and caffeine for tightening. See descriptions of the whole product line below. We are absolutely loving it — especially the pH balancing cleanser, which smells like a dream.
Here in Minneapolis we are lucky to have two goGLOW locations and an option for in-home services. The company has recently launched in the River North neighborhood so now you can get your glow on in Chicago too! And don’t fear — more expansion plans are in the works.


Product information below provided by goGLOW:


Protect your glow with our pH balancing daily cleanser. This hydrating cleanser contains hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and create fullness. We’ve added Organic Gingko Biloba to help fight the visible signs of aging. Meadowsweet extract soothes and tones while Calendula extract brightens and reenergizes your skin, making this the perfect soap-free addition to your routine.

Both sulfate free and paraben free; our cleanser will keep your glow even and beautiful!

Instructions: Use a small amount on hand and massage into a creamy lather. Use all over body to gently cleanse and moisturize. Rinse thoroughly.

Use CLEANSE before and after your goGLOW to maintain the integrity of your skin (i.e. natural oils, ph).


Give your skin a drink with our hydrating body butter infused with Argan Oil (DESCRIBE BENEFITS OF ARGAN OIL) This moisturizer is formulated to absorb quickly without the greasy residue. Packed with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids boost cell production and ease inflammation while moisturizing your skin. Rose Hip Oil combats free radicals and combines with Vitamin A to improve your skin’s tone, texture and pigmentation.

The more hydrated your skin is, the richer and more vibrant your glow! We recommend using twice daily during the life of your tan and once daily thereafter for youthful moisture.

Instructions: Massage whipped body butter onto skin after bathing or anytime skin feels dry, tight or irritated.

Begin using HYDRATE 24 hours post goGLOW and up to twice daily to nourish your skin.


Our gradual self tanning moisturizer is great to use to extend the life of a goGLOW or on its own for a little at home color boost. Made with coconut oil, this powerful moisturizer restores dry or flaking skin. Extend makes natural, buildable color on your arms, legs, stomach, shoulders and back foolproof. Banana Fruit Extract and Caffeine pack your skin full of antioxidants, stimulate collagen and help skin to appear tight and smooth. Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract added as an amazing source of Vitamin C, which is essential for naturally glowing skin.

We recommend using Extend with our application mitt for flawless, streak-free color and no mess!

Instructions: For best results, apply in circular motions. Avoid heavy application on knees, elbows or areas of dryness. Wash palms thoroughly after use.

Begin using a small amount (the perfect amount soaks into your skin immediately, you should not feel greasy. If you have used too much it will stay on top of your skin. Use EXTEND on day 4 or 5 of your goGLOW and continue until your natural skin cycle begins to shed.


Restore beautiful color on your face, hands, décolleté and feet with goGLOW’s sunless Touch Up Spray. Hyaluronic acid hydrates for youthful, radiant skin. Added Aloe Leaf Juice soothes and regenerates the skin, providing even, naturally bronze color to those faster fading areas of the body.

Use on day three of your tan of whenever you notice your face, hands and feet start to fade. Touch Up Spray pairs wonderfully with Extend to create vibrant, even color at home!

Instructions: Shake well before use. Hold can 6-12 inches from skin and spray face and decollete in a sweeping motion. When spraying face, close your mouth, your eyes and hold your breath. Touch up hands and feet by spraying in an arching motion. Wait 8 hours before showering.

TOUCH UP should be used as soon as you notice the skin on your hands, feet, and face has begun to fade. These areas of skin will always fade faster and that is good! Repeated rub from shoes, hand washing, and our anti aging face treatments keep TOUCH UP is packed with hylauronic acid to keep your skin feeling plump and moisturized.

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