Baby Foot: Our Experience

Over the past few months we’ve gotten a bunch of questions about what you can do to try and help dry, cracked heels and bottoms of the feet. While there are lots of creams that can help put moisture right back into the skin, there is another product that actually takes the skin right off.

Enter: Baby Foot. We know you know it. We know you’ve seen the videos of men and women literally peeling the entire sole of their foot off. We know you want us to give you the low down.

Your feet are going to peel. They’re going to peel A LOT. Baby Foot is a blend of “17 kinds of natural extracts” to peel dead skin cells off, but also moisturize. We’re talking ingredients like clematis, ivy, lemon, soapwort and grapefruit all presented to you in the form of a little plastic bootie filled with these extracts in a sort of jelly-like consistency. You stick your feet in each individual bootie and let your feet marinade for an hour. I threw on a pair of fuzzy socks and just hung out.

Three days later, nothing. Four days later, nothing. Five days later, aha! I started to notice a funny kind of mild tingling at the bottom of my feet, almost like something was tickling me. I reached down to feel and literally an ENTIRE SHEET of my bottom foot came off. It was honestly the most satisfying removal of gross dead foot skin I’ve ever experienced. Of course, I had to continue on pulling what felt like sheet upon sheet of dead skin off of the bottom of my feet.

After day five there were probably 3-4 more days of mild flaking, but nothing like the absolute exodus of dead skin on that fifth night. I was disappointed that my heels and around my toenails still had some ashy, dry skin around them and things definitely weren’t perfect.

I’m about a month removed from the initial baby foot application and, as you can see from the photos, things are pretty much back to normal. Truth be told, I’m not an avid foot moisturizer and that would likely help. If you’re looking for a fun and kind of wacky way to exfoliate your feet this winter — grab some Baby Foot. We’ll probably do it again, mostly for the fun factor. If you were really diligent, and really interested in cleaning dead skin up off the floor (!) a once monthly Baby Foot treatment over the winter would have your pups looking perfect!!

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