The Ordinary: All Hype or The Real Deal?

This is not the post we expected to write when we decided to order a few products to try from The Ordinary. Everyone wants to know, are these reasonably priced products actually awesome? Or do they just have the greatest marketing campaign ever? So we ordered a few of their popular products to try for you.

What we didn’t expect was that we would report back that they were awesome. We still have a few to try, but the first product we tried was a Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% serum. We chose this because the ingredients are scientifically proven and great for the needs of our skin right now (calming, rejuvenating and locks in moisture.) However, at the $5.90 price point, we figured something had to give.

Flash forward a couple of months and it’s the one product Lauren won’t skip each day. The texture is fantastic, no offensive smell, and most importantly – her skin looks smoother and brighter than it has in a long time.

We still don’t understand how their prices can be so low, especially on some of their other products with more expensive raw ingredients. Does anyone know their secret? More importantly, does anyone know how to snag their perennially sold out Caffeine Eye product!?

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