Product Review: Kypris Body Elixir

We were so thrilled when Kypris sent us product to try last year. We had never before used a true body elixir and couldn’t wait to try it out. Oils have been all the rage for facial cleansing and hair treatments, but we’ve seen very few high quality body oils/elixirs on the market.

First of all – if you are looking for something beautiful to spruce up your cosmetic shelf, look no further. While packaging is definitely not top in terms of product importance, a gorgeous bottle like this delicate green glass one certainly can bring a smile to your face! The oil itself is thick – so thick that we’ve only been using it in the evening and throwing some old jammies on over. It is richly scented, in what is a blend of both floral and herbal – bitter orange blossom, moringa, prickly pear and tamanu oils are combined with sunflower and other phytonutrients (plant based) create a luscious, rich moisturizing oil that is almost ritualistic to use.

The oil does seem to stick onto tiny hairs so we’ve been using it mainly on our chest, neck and shoulders at bedtime. It is calming, soothing and super moisturizing. This product isn’t what we would categorize as an essential, but if you are looking for something to truly nourish you skin and your soul we highly recommend!

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