As sticky-averse people, we did not in a million years expect to love this balm skincare raw honey cleanser. Honey has long been used in skincare products for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

When the balm skincare sisters graciously sent over a sample of the cleanser, we figured it would smell nice – but we were blown away by how smooth and clean our skin felt after using the cleanser. The stickiness of the honey was easily cut with a little water and we really enjoyed this cleanser! It’s great for sensitive skin types, and especially for those people who want truly organic skincare.

We’re in the midst of trying an entire balm skincare regimen, in order to report back and review a completely raw skincare line for those who are looking for this! That’s one of the things we love about skincare – there are great products out there, no matter what you are looking for.

Extra tip: Add a little brown sugar to the raw honey cleanser for a great, gentle exfoliating scrub!

Honey in Skincare!? balm skincare Raw Honey Cleanser

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