Roses – Not Just for Valentine’s Day!

A few weeks ago, this generous package arrived compliments of Pixi by Petra. The box was super unique and the products were beautiful! We had trouble deciding who would get which rose infused lipstick {they are matte! And the most perfect nude colors!} But what really happened was that the delivery got us thinking about using ‘rose’ in skincare products.

Rose is a commonly used ingredient – you can easily find rosewater mist, rose scented hand lotions, and perfumes with rose essence. Pixi took a popular ingredient and focused on what it actually can do for the skin {besides just smell amazing} to develop some seriously great skin and beauty options.

Rose Cavier Essence is a lightweight serum that melts into the skin; Rose Flash Balm is a moisturizing first layer or can be used as an intense-moisture mask. Both products utilize the antioxidant, anti inflammatory and moisturizing qualities of rose to provide superior products at a drugstore price. And the lipsticks are just plain beautiful – though the rose component helped to lock the moisture in to our lips, which is so important with matte finish lipsticks.

So there you have it! Roses are great on Valentine’s Day, but can bring benefit to your skin every day of the year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo Brooke & Lauren

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