Pregnancy Skincare: Pretty Mommies Product Review

Reorganizing her skincare regimen happened the second Brooke knew she was pregnant! Bye bye to wrinkle-fighting retinoids and skin-clearing sal acid and hello to products with gentle, hydrating ingredients and proven safety.

Brooke was thrilled when @pmpregnancyskincare sent over their line of all natural, safe skincare products to try! Their line consists of a brightening cleanser, antioxidant moisturizer and SPF. All of the products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Here is Brooke’s opinion after trying the products: My favorite of the three is the Let’s Be Clear cleanser, which is a gel cleanser that has the most uplifting, yummy satsuma orange scent! It makes me feel like I’m on vacation. I love that the formula has lactic acid to keep my skin bright, and help fight any melasma that wants to sneak in. My skin truly feels bright, hydrated and beautiful after using this cleanser. I can definitely see myself using this product even after baby!

Their Truth Be Told enhancer is also amazing. With mushroom extract to protect against environmental damage and squalene as a super hydrator – this silky smooth product feels like a dream and acted like a primer.

We are always fans of physical blocking sunscreens like Protect and Reflect. Especially while pregnant they, along with antioxidants found in Truth Be Told, help prevent melasma and other sun spots and of course protect against UV damage. Since it is a mineral SPF product, you need to warm it up a little on your fingers before applying for it to rub in completely.

This three step system covers many skincare bases and takes the guesswork out of safety questions for those who are planning pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding. You can rest assured these products are safe for you and baby – and I think that you will love them!
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Products were graciously gifted to us, but our opinions are always uniquely ours.

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