Coolibar: We Packed Coolibar For a Recent Trip to Palm Springs

Gone are the days of “dare to bare” for us at the pool and beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day of safe fun in the sun AND still look fashionable.
Often times when patients or friends ask us what we recommend for sun safety and the topic of UPF/sun protective clothing comes up, they make a face and say “ugh but none of it is CUTE”. Well, we are here to prove them wrong!
We worked with local Minneapolis company Coolibar to get Brooke set up for her recent trip to Palm Springs. It was HOT HOT HOT that weekend and there was a ton of time walking around in the early morning when the temperatures were cooler but the sun was already blazing, and of course lazy afternoons at the pool enjoying the warm weather and breezy palm trees.
Brooke found that the Coolibar Islands Ruched Swim Shirt was a great option for staying cool and safe in the sun. The length made it more like a dress and the side ruching was easy to adjust to shorter or longer. The size Medium was definitely big enough to cover the baby bump and the bum! If anything you could size down in this style – even at 6.5 months pregnant the size Medium was roomy. The fabric is lightweight and quick drying so after a dip in the pool all it took was 5-10 minutes to dry out on the lounger. It was really nice to be kept cool as well since it was so hot!
The bucket hat was fantastic! It comes in two sizes S/M and L but has an easily adjustable tie string inside the hat so even if you’re a little “in between” you can adjust to get the perfect fit. Brooke wore a L and had to tighten the inside string just a touch. Its a super wide brimmed hat which is fantastic, as it offered a good amount of shade not just for the face but also for the chest, shoulders and back. The structure of the hat brim is lovely as well because it doesn’t flop into your eyes when you’re trying to have a conversation poolside or flip through a magazine.
Ten years ago, even five years ago, we didn’t have a ton of options for cute, sun protective clothing. But now brands like Coolibar and others offer truly fashionable options for every member of the family. The average person gets around 60-90 minutes of UV exposure EVERY DAY! Think about how much this adds up to! UPF clothing is an easy, stylish way to keep your skin protected and help prevent aging, skin cancers and other signs of UV damage.
Click the link below to shop some of our favorite UPF styles!

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