My Experience Trying the Clear & Brilliant Permea Treatment

We’re always trying out new and evolving Dermatology treatments for you.  Today Lauren had her first Clear & Brilliant treatment (once named Real Self’s ‘most worth it non-invasive facial laser.’)  This treatment has grown in popularity because it delivers impressive results with little downtime.  It can both prevent features of aging AND reverse signs of aging that have already developed.  Here is Lauren’s take on the experience:

I showed up for the Clear & Brilliant treatment not quite knowing what to expect.  I’ve performed many laser resurfacing treatments for our patients over the years, but this would be my first experience with a full face laser treatment.  The first step was meeting with our incredible aestheticians at Zel Skin & Laser Plymouth, Suzanne & Lindsey.  They examined my skin, took incredible ‘before’ photos with the special Visio camera, and we discussed my goals.  My main concern was pigmentation that has developed on my cheeks over the past few years.  Its been stubborn, and while other areas of pigment have improved with topical treatments like Lytera and Phloretin serums, the brown spots on my cheek seem to be sticking around.  We discussed what to expect after the treatment (warmth and redness for a few minutes, then just a subtle ‘sunburn’ appearance for a couple of days after that) and they reviewed the post care regimen with me.  Included in the treatment is the incredible Revision Skincare Pre/Post laser kit, which contains everything I needed to use after the treatment.

Lindsey cleaned my skin with a warm towel (which I declared was the best moment of my week) and placed the eye shields over my eyes to protect them from the laser energy. I declined numbing cream and that turned out to be a fine decision.  The treatment itself didn’t hurt at all, and the best way that I can describe it is like an ‘annoyance.’  It was pokey and I felt warmth, but no discomfort.

The Clear & Brilliant device is a small handheld laser that is rolled over the skin.  Multiple passes are made over each area of the face, during which tiny microscopic channels are made in the skin.  These channels stimulate the production of healthy collagen and other skin cells to improve the texture and pigmentation of the skin.  Additionally, they provide an open channel for any products to absorb more deeply into the skin. The treatment that I had was with the Clear & Brilliant Permea, which is a specific type of Clear & Brilliant meant for opening up channels to absorb more of an antioxidant serum.  For this reason, immediately after treating my face, Lindsey applied a Vitamin C serum for extra brightening on the skin.

Treatment of my face took about 20 minutes, and we decided to move on to my neck, décolletage and the backs of my hands.  These 3 areas can be giveaways to someone’s age – its so common for us to take impeccable care of our face, but let these other sun-exposed areas age without any effort to slow the process.  The nice thing about the Clear & Brilliant treatment is that it prevents the development of signs of aging.  This makes it perfect for someone in their 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, who wants to keep their skin looking great and get just a little more glow and even skin tone.

After the treatment, my skin was slightly swollen (barely noticeable until I looked closely at photos) and reddish, but not more than a light flush.  The swelling and redness dissipated within minutes and only the slight flush remained. Suzanne applied Even Up, an amazing color balancing product from Colorescience, to even out the appearance of the flushing, and I looked absolutely fine to run some errands straight from the visit.  Results are not seen immediately, but over the weeks following the treatment.  I will go back in one month to take ‘after’ photos and reassess with the team.  Ideally, Clear & Brilliant is to be performed in a series, which 3-6 treatments being ideal.  Another way it can be used is to schedule Clear & Brilliant treatments as touchup after deeper resurfacing treatments or as an adjunct between treatments.  The great thing is that Suzanne and Lindsey are excellent at helping you determine how to get the best results for the needs of your skin.  For my light pigment, 3 treatments spaced about a month apart is what they recommend.  I’ll post my ‘before’ & ‘after’ photos once I’m seeing the full benefit in December!

Zel Skin & Laser Plymouth is hosting an open house for Clear & Brilliant on November 27, 2018.  If you’re interested in the procedure, I recommend stopping by to meet with the team.  The event is free AND they will be giving away a treatment in a raffle that evening.  There are also some really exciting deals to be had (bring a friend and both get a free treatment if you purchase a package!) Call 952-473-1286 to RSVP for the event.

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