Thermal Water Sprays

If you’ve been a Skin Sisters follower since the beginning you know we love us some skin hydrating sprays! From the beach to the car or airplane or really any time at all, we find products like this to be soothing, hydrating and all around lovely to use.

Now, a recent study proves that this products aren’t just for the fun of it, but that they actually can repair the skin’s barrier function to help keep your face hydrated! The study showed that spraying fine water particles onto the facial skin can help decrease trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), thus improving skin moisture.

Many hydrating sprays you will find on the market now offer not only hydration, but also some added benefit in the realm of anti-inflammatory, soothing, aromatherapy, etc. Some of our favorites are sprays from La Roche Posay, Kiehls and Mario Badescu.

So, spray away! We’ve linked some of our favorite hydrating sprays for you HERE!

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