Protect Your Skin: Our Reaction to the Outside Magazine Article

Recently, Outside magazine published an article dissuading the general public from using daily SPF and that sunscreen use may do more harm than good. Shockingly, this article also suggested more frequent unprotected sun exposure for everyone. 

To say that we disagree wholeheartedly with this article is an understatement. We believe in evidence based medicine, we believe in basing medical recommendations off of that evidence and we believe in supporting literature that is based in fact and not just opinion. 

The article from Outside magazine is none of these things and presents a direct contradiction to facts. Facts like:

– 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with a skin cancer this year 
– Certain types of skin cancers including melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma can kill you
– Unprotected exposure to UV causes skin cancers

Do we want you to sit in a dark basement, never enjoy a day at the beach or on a boat? Absolutely not! 

We want you to be safe in the sun. Wear sunscreen. Everyday. Be aware of your skin and the moles and freckles that are on it and take note when things are changing. We want you to be healthy and, just like a yearly teeth cleaning or physical exam, get your preventive skin cancer check with your dermatology office. We want you to know the ABCDE’s, so that you can play an active role in the health of your skin.

We don’t stay inside and you shouldn’t either. It’s about knowing how to keep your skin safe (ways that are backed by excellent research over many year) and understanding that sunscreen is not a ‘marketing ploy’, but a useful tool to protect your skin.

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