What To Do About Cradle Cap?

“My baby has so much dandruff and such greasy hair! What should I do??”

Cradle cap is extremely common and it is absolutely nothing to worry about! It is a type of seborrheic dermatitis that causes redness and greasy scale on the skin and scalp. 

For infants it usually resolves on its own by one year. Cradle cap is almost always unbothersome to the infant, but causes distress to the parent because of the appearance. One way to control cradle cap is to shampoo your baby’s hair daily or every other day and use a gentle brush to soften and lift away some of the scales while they are soft from the bath. 

There are also new, silicone brushes for baby that are gentle and can help lift away the debris. 

Brooke has been using both Johnson and Johnson and Noodle & Boo for Zoe’s hair – she was born with a whole mess of it!

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