Today we strolled down the street to Haven Nail Studio – our neighbors at 50th & France in Edina. We love getting to know the other businesses around our office at Zel Edina, and thought we would learn a bit about their mission to share with you!

Kaitlin and Natalie were gracious enough to host us for an afternoon at Haven – they are inspiring businesswomen (to learn as much about the business as possible, they went back to school to become certified nail technicians!) and as sweet as can be. This is a second career for them both, as they wanted to pursue something that they felt passionate about: clean beauty.

Haven is truly a haven for those of us looking for cleaner and safer options for our nails. All of their polishes are free of the Big 5 or the Big 10, depending on the polish brand you choose. The polishes that most nail salons carry are Big 3 free at best – that means no formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate. But Haven takes it a step further and only carries brands like Jin Soon and Lauren B that are free of, not only the Big 3 chemicals to avoid in nail polish, but other worrisome chemicals as well. One of the nice things we found was that since chemicals weren’t floating around, Brooke felt comfortable bringing her baby Zoe along – this would also be a great place to bring Lauren’s 6 year old daughter for a girls date!

They offer both gel and regular polish and have a great menu of add-ons for extra pampering. They offer (sweet) nail art that they rotate quarterly based on the trends they were spotting around the country. And most importantly – the place is absolutely spotless. 

Haven is not only focused on keeping up with nail trends and technology, but they are also looking out for you and the environment. This is the first salon we’ve been to that is ‘waterless.’ This means that for our pedicure, there was no soaking in a bowl of water, but instead our skin was cleaned with warm towels and an incredible feeling salt & sugar scrub. The reason they initially sought out this waterless technique was to avoid the natural expansion that happens to your nails when soaked in water. When they contract an hour or so after drying, this is an opportunity for the polish to chip. By avoiding the water soak, they are also saving the many gallons of water that are used each time a pedicure is performed. 

Most importantly – how was the service?? Our nail technicians were top notch (shout out to Abbi and Carissa!), our chairs were both stylish and comfortable, and the polish selection was superb. Both technicians took the time to help us choose a color, explain what they were doing along the way, answer questions, and file out nails to a perfect shape. We were so pleased with the entire experience and will be going back often. 

That is, if we can get in! Word is out about Haven Nail Studio and it’s difficult to just walk in. So many of you are looking for clean beauty options and they are filling a void that hasn’t existed here in Edina. Appointments can be booked by calling the salon or going to their website to book online.

Haven Nail Studio – Our Experience at the Hot New (Fantastic) Neighborhood Spot

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