Smart Sunscreen Choices: Leave Pinterest for Baking

Do you know what all of these sunscreens have in common?

They are all FDA approved to protect your skin from UV rays based on very accurate and scientific testing. Having 5 or more blistering sunburns before the age of 20 increases your risk of melanoma by 80% (yes, you read that correctly.) You can now understand why it’s so important to use a sunscreen that is proven to protect your skin.

This is why it’s troubling that one of the trending topics on Pinterest these days is ‘How to make your own sunscreen.’ Even a quick google search comes up with pages of recipes. Unfortunately, these sunscreen recipes use ingredients that do not provide adequate sun protection and don’t have any standards to live up to when they arbitrarily claim to be ‘waterproof’ or ‘safe.’

Consumer Reports came out with an article titled ‘Homemade Sunscreen is a Definite Don’t’ this spring, based on the argument that these homemade sunscreen formulations put users at an increased risk for skin cancer.

So, choose whichever sunscreen you like. Pick a zinc oxide formulation, something tinted, a lotion with SPF, a chemical block, or even use your kids’ stuff in a pinch. Just make sure you’re choosing a product that is an FDA approved broad spectrum sunscreen of 30+. Save the Pinterest boards for cake baking and party planning.🧁

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