The 2 Products We Never Skip in the Morning

Why do we recommend sunscreen and antioxidants every morning? Even if you’re just going to the office?

As you drive to the office, UV rays penetrate the glass windows, getting directly to your skin. Then once you get to work, you might unexpectedly pop out for coffee with a coworker. That’s a quick 5 minute walk to the coffee shop, but after the walk back, you now have 10 minutes of sun exposure. Maybe in the afternoon you need to run to the drugstore to pick up a prescription. See how much unplanned sun exposure you get even on the most mundane of days?

We recommend that you start each day by applying an antioxidant serum (which protects against free radical damage from things like the sun, pollution, and even your phone screen. It protects your skin against developing pigmentation or experiencing collagen breakdown as a result of these factors.)

Sunscreen is the other ‘must’ for your morning skincare routine. Sunscreen protects from UV damage that leads to both signs of aging and the development of skin cancer.

Find products that you love (we can help!) and get in the habit of applying them daily.

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