You Can’t Trust Just Anyone for Advice Over the Internet

Be smart about where you get your skincare advice! published an article last week highlighting one of the most concerning issues we see in the office: people are following the advice of non-expert bloggers on the internet.

‘Drink raw potato juice.’ ‘Only wear SPF when the sun is out.’ ‘Stop using that topical steroid cream for your severe eczema.’ ‘Essential oils to cure psoriasis and skin cancers.’ This is all BAD advice that has been given out on the internet (along with so much more!)

Make sure you know your source for skincare advice. Just because someone on Instagram is interested in skincare doesn’t mean they are an expert. We want you all to have gorgeous skin, but let’s get there in a safe and effective way!

We are both board-certified Dermatology PAs. This means that after our undergraduate degrees (on Wisconsin!) we went on to get advanced degrees, clinical training and board certification to practice medicine. We then completed apprenticeships in Dermatology and continue to learn every day through our clinical practice and CMEs that we’re legally required to keep up in order to keep giving out awesome skincare advice.

Remember, make sure you’re getting good skincare advice from a professional. Additionally, that online information should not contain medical advice; for medical advice and recommendations, we’ll see you in the office!

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