The Best Part

What do we love the most about our job? Helping someone to look like their best self.  We are not in the business of changing your look.  Our goal is always to guide you through looking your best and feeling great about yourself.

Super talented celebrity hair colorist Justin Anderson stopped by recently to see if we could help him even out the appearance of his lips.  He is blessed with a gorgeous pucker, but scarring from a childhood accident left him with some unevenness.  One syringe of Juvederm Ultra later and he was looking as handsome as ever – and feeling great about the way his lips looked.

Later in the day, one of our amazing patients mentioned looking younger.  Our response? Let’s make you look your best instead.  After thinking about it for truly one second, she agreed completely.  No one wants to look a different age – they just want to look natural and like the best version of themselves!

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