What’s in Your Travel Bag?

Do you know what you’re packing for your winter vacay? Here’s what we bring along when we travel!

Cleansing wipes! These can be lifesavers for the plane or after a busy day when you just don’t have the energy to wash your face. Rather than skip cleansing, use a cleansing wipe to clean off the day. Obagi and Neutrogena make great ones.

Dual action products: keep things easy and pack products that check off two boxes. Two of our favorites are La Roche Posay AOX serum (with antioxidants and SPF) and MD Complete Retinol/Vitamin C serum.

Don’t forget your lips! They can get dry easily (planes & hotel rooms are not friendly for hydration!) and are also at risk for sunburn if you’re skiing, exploring a new city or on the beach. We love Elta MD’s lip product.

Forget checking your bag with all of the products! Grab a ‘Palette By Pak’ to load your products into. It’s seemingly leakproof, super sleek, and one of the most useful products we’ve tried.

Safe travels!

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