Sunday Face Masks


Sundays are the best, right?! For us, summer Sundays are all about hanging with our family, enjoying beautiful weather, relaxing a bit, and taking care of our skin! Weekends full of fun, sun and cocktails can leave your skin dehydrated, puffy and in need of a pick-me-up.

Sheet masks have become quite popular over the past few years.  Just walking into the drugstore or beauty store can feel overwhelming, due to the huge number of sheet mask options available! Even our local Target has at least 15 different sheet mask varieties. There are masks for hydration, anti-aging, redness reduction, plumping — you name it, there’s a mask for it.

Masks can definitely be incorporated into your regular skincare routine. We recommend using sheet masks anywhere between 1 and 3 times weekly; this depends on which mask you are using. Skin should be cleansed before you use the mask, and moisturizer can be applied immediately after.

*Skin Sister Tip! –> Most masks have some ‘extra’ serum at the bottom of the package that isn’t absorbed into the fibers of the mask. Don’t waste this! We love to apply this extra bit to our neck and chest.

It can be difficult to sort through all the options, so here are some of our favorite sheet masks:

SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Mask is no joke! This mask was originally formulated for use after laser treatments or for super sensitive or ‘stressed out’ skin. The mask itself creates a barrier to reduce heat on the surface of the skin. On the skin it is SUPER soothing and relaxing, and our skin felt baby soft after using it.

The Face Shop  is always having a buy 10 get 3 free type of promotion on sheet masks. It’s amazing! When we visit Los Angeles we always stock up — and they are available online too. The Face Shop carries some amazing Korean brands that are really incredible, and the Real Nature masks are no exception. We love the Aloe mask, which provides soothing moisture to the skin — perfect after a weekend! The masks are thick and have tons of serum; they also fit really nicely on the skin.

Peach & Lily is a great brand, with amazing masks. Most recently we tried their Chubby Cheeks life + plump mask. It definitely gives that relaxing feel of using a sheet mask, but this particular mask is better suited for pre-event when you want some anti-aging and plumping. It has ginseng to boost collagen, and tons of antioxidants. The mask also has snail mucin — yep, THAT kind of snail. K-beauty products have been using snail mucin for years for its ability to firm, brighten and hydrate the skin. It’s totally scentless and lightweight. Other peptides, B3 and organic ingredients make this mask a must-add to your beauty arsenal.

Florapy is a brand we were recently introduced to and we love it! The blackberry primrose mask smells like the best bubble bath you’ve ever had and packs a serious hydration punch. Florapy uses a proprietary mix of different oils and essences, called they Recovery Essence 8, that is really nourishing for the skin. It includes grapeseed oil, vitamin E, almond oil and rosehip, as well as vervain flower, clary sage oil and carrot oil. Used together these natural oils provide a potent elixir for anti-aging and redness, moisturization, protection against free radicals, and even treatment of some mild sun spots.

Try one, or try them all! We would love to know what you think.



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