How to Choose the Right Eye Cream

Today on the blog we are talking all about eye creams. There are so many options out there and it can be difficult to know what products are best for you. We get inquiries in clinic all the time about eye creams to use for puffiness, dark circles and crepey (thin) skin. The eye area is one of the first to show signs of aging because the skin in this location is thinner and very fragile. Each individual needs to take into account their specific concerns, skin type and facial anatomy in order to figure out which eye cream is best for them.

A good place to start is always with an antioxidant or peptide eye cream for overall improvement. These specific ingredients protect and repair the skin and are gentle enough for this super sensitive area. One of our favorite drugstore products is the Olay Regenerist eye serum, which can be applied to the under eyes twice a day.

Other ingredients to look for in an overall eye cream are Caffeine (to tighten), Vitamin K (to help reduce the appearance of under eye blood vessels and dark circles) and Retinol (to help smooth fine lines). For those with severely dry skin, using a serum for the under eye in addition to the eye cream will provide more moisture for the skin. Using a product that incorporates several of these ingredients will offer a one stop shop for every eye product.

Slightly more cosmetically elegant options for eye cream and eye serums, and a bit more expensive, are the serums and creams available from Drunk Elephant and NeoCutis. Both of us are huge NeoCutis fans and love their Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream, which contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine and "PSP", NeoCutis' proprietary Processed Skin Cell Proteins. This particular product also has no added dyes or fragrance, so it is appropriate for sensitive skin types.

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