Tech Neck

The time we spend looking at our phones has surpassed many other activities, and our necks are showing some wear and tear as a result! The slight tilt of the head downward creates a repetitive muscle movement, which in turn produces dynamic wrinkles (aka lines from movement.) It’s helpful to practice limited screen time and hold your phone up a bit higher (one second… adjusting position as we type this!) It’s also important to keep the skin on your neck as healthy as possible, to improve it’s appearance.

Just as your would treat your face, you should practice healthy skin habits for your neck. That means sun protection daily (with reapplication every 2 hours), antioxidants every day, and retinoids if tolerated. There are some ‘neck-specific’ products that make caring for this area a breeze. We love @revision Nectifirm and @neocutis Micro-Firm Neck & Décollete Rejuvenating Complex. Many face products can also be used on the neck, but be mindful that the neck has fewer oil-producing glands – and is therefore much more sensitive skin than the face. In-office treatments, like chemical peels and laser treatments, can be used to improve the texture of the neck if you’re not seeing a difference with topical therapy.

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