Dermaplaning: Brooke Gets Pampered!

For Brooke’s birthday, earlier this month, she decided to try dermaplaning for the first time! In her words:

“I loved everything about Dermaplaning! From the relaxation of a gentle cleanse and tone, to the knowledge that all my dry and dead skin and little baby hairs were being removed – I found the whole experience to be really enjoyable.

One day after, my skin felt a little bit sensitive and I skipped using any acids or retinol for 24 hours. I used a really gentle, thick moisturizing cream, and SPF to protect.

My skin truly never felt smoother and it was incredible to see the amount of dead skin and fine vellus hair that was removed during the procedure. One week out, I feel my products work better and my skin is looking brighter and still feels smooth”

So what is Dermaplaning? Its the removal of dead skin and fine (aka vellus) hairs from the skin with a blade. This procedure should ONLY be done by a trained professional. Dermaplaning can be done every 4-6 weeks to keep the skin super smooth; when paired with a light chemical peel, it is an excellent way to achieve and maintain a nice glow to the skin.

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